Alchemy Abstract is not just a group of artists but a community of people with a deep reverence for life, nature, and spirituality.

As a Family & Friend owned business, our primary values lie in encouraging healthy relationships all around; with family, friends, and most importantly a healthy relationship with the self.

We believe wholeheartedly in the principle that 'where attention goes, energy flows' and we aim to reflect this in our products in every way possible.

Our handmade crystal earrings serve as a constant reminder throughout the day to ensure that your actions and emotions are aligning with your intentions for your highest good.

We aim to spread little sweet bits of positivity, self-empowerment, and mindfulness consciously and subconsciously through our meditation tools, resources, and handmade information cards that we include with each of our handmade crystal earrings.

With this, our hope is for our crystal jewelry to help others easily integrate just a bit more compassion and self-love into their daily ritual and help them positively prime their minds for growth and success.

With Love, 

~The Alchemy Team 


We have received reports from some of our customers about our product pictures being stolen and sold in some other stores and market places such as Wish. While we have successfully been able to get these stores removed we may not catch all of them right away in the future.

Please be aware that our products are available for sale only at:  AlchemyAbstract.com , Faire.com & etsy.com/shop/alchemyabstract. We do not sell our jewelry online under any other name than Alchemy Abstract or sell on any other online market places than the ones listed above or linked to our social media platforms (i.e. facebook or instagram market place).



Many ancient cultures believed that crystals and stones contained healing energetic properties that could be associated with and tuned into for help with healing or charging the various energy centers of the body. It is thought by these communities that holding or meditating with crystals can help promote physical and emotional healing by positively interacting with the human energy field. However, whether or not you believe in these properties, most importantly the stones help serve us as a reminder to be mindful and check-in with ourselves to ensure that our thoughts and feelings are aligning with our intentions, similar to a totem of sorts.


*Any healing stone and crystal properties, suggestions, or spiritual meanings we have listed in our shop are meant to be purely informational and are sourced from popular spiritual belief systems and traditions that we thought our customers may enjoy and hope can be utilized in their spiritual practice. We are not, and do not claim to be, certified health professionals and our crystal jewelry and spiritual tools are NOT intended to be a substitute for medical care. If you have a physical or mental illness, please refer to your doctor, naturopath, dietitian, psychologist, etc. or other relevant health professional.