It is always highly recommended that before trying on ANY pair of earrings to make sure that they and your hands are clean; skipping this step could result in bacteria-caused irritation or infection. When cleaning our crystal studs, it is essential that you DO NOT use alcohol-based products, as these could irreversibly damage the earrings. Instead, we recommend using a more gentle soap such as dishwashing liquid and room temperature water.

*Please thoroughly read the care instructions below to learn more about the care required to maintain your new treasures! 


To maintain the raw look of our studs, they are not drilled or secured with a bezel and instead are held together primarily by a clear setting jewelers resin epoxy. Like other resin jewelry, while this method helps to improve the style and highlight the natural look of the crystals, it, unfortunately, renders them a bit more sensitive to extreme temperatures and the elements than usual. For your convenience, we have listed the primary exposures to avoid below! 

UV Rays

Avoid storing any piece in direct sunlight. While our pieces are made with a high-grade resin with UV-resistant properties, some resin will yellow and become brittle when exposed long term to the sun's light or heat; this is not to say your earrings cannot be worn outside, just do not let it sit for prolonged periods in direct sunlight (i.e., left on a sunny windowsill or worn during sunbathing).

Extreme Heat ( do NOT wear in the shower! )

Because the resin is technically a type of plastic, high heat is the best way to damage it quickly. Usually, heat from a shower, jacuzzi, sauna, blow dryer, etc., or prolonged direct sunlight can cause the setting to detach from the metal because it will expand with heat exposure and loosen its bond with the piece. To ensure the long-lasting integrity of your earrings, be sure to remove them before any such activities to avoid damaging heat exposure. 

Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals are present in more items than we think: perfumes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, nail polish, etc. While chemicals are everywhere, you should be primarily concerned with aggressive chemicals such as cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, and alcohol-based products such as acetone (nail polish remover), perfume, and hand sanitizer. Alcohol will act as a solvent when it comes in contact with the resin.

Lotions can be worn while wearing resin jewelry, but we recommend applying these before putting your jewelry on and not while you are wearing it. To apply lotion, we would recommend removing your jewelry and placing it back on once the lotion has had time to absorb, making sure your hands are dry and not saturated with it before touching your earrings. The same goes for perfume. 


The most common culprits of yellowing or discoloration are fragranced items. Aside from resin jewelry, it is recommended to avoid contact of fragrance with the metal of your piece as well. Avoiding such items will minimize both the discoloration of the setting and tarnish to sterling silver jewelry. Some everyday examples of this are lotions, perfumes, and hair products that contain fragrance or coloring materials. Again, removing any piece of jewelry before applying these items will help to avoid stains on both products.

*With the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19, many people are increasing their use of cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. Because Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based product, it can be extremely harmful to our earrings. Please exercise the same or increased caution when using this product, either synthetic or organic, and remove your jewelry before using hand sanitizer and replace your piece after the sanitizer has dissipated.


If you need to clean your earrings or give them a polish, a damp microfiber or chamois cloth can be used for cleaning without causing damage to the earrings. You can also clean them with room temperature water and mild dish soap. Very little goes a very long way with soap, so please do limit its use and make sure that the piece is thoroughly rinsed before wearing them again.

Removing Tarnish

Metals such as sterling silver will tarnish over time with regular use due to one's skin chemistry, water, and oxygen exposure. You can use a polishing pad or cloth to remove tarnish.

 We do not recommend the use of any tarnish removing products on any of our crystal stud earrings; however, if you feel the need to, be very careful only to polish the exposed metal and avoid the epoxy setting portion as the chemicals in this product can cause damage to the resin.

You may notice that the more you wear the pieces, the less they tarnish, as your skin does act as a natural polishing agent to the metal to keep it shiny and clean-looking. Contrary to popular belief, 14K Gold can tarnish but only under extreme circumstances. In most cases, this is not something you need to worry about, as it is rare. Tarnish does appear less harshly on Gold than silver and usually presents as a darkening of the metal.


When you want to store your jewelry, it is best to make sure it is in an airtight container, whether it is a small bag, jewelry box, or both. Store the container in a cool, dark, and dry area. Humidity can be a breeding ground for tarnish, and if your jewelry is submerged in liquid and left wet for too long, the chemicals present in the liquid can cause discoloration and deterioration of the piece.

*We recommend taking off your jewelry when you shower, sleep, swim, and clean to avoid all of the above and store them safely, avoiding the exposures listed above.
Please treat our pieces with the same love and care that went into their creation, and they will be sure to return the favor!
♡ LOVE, 
-The Alchemy Team